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website design & development.

your website is your first opportunity to impress. make it count.

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in a world where so much business is done online, your website plays a huge role in how your business is perceived and a customer’s perception of you plays a huge role in whether they choose you or a competitor. so make your first impression count and give visitors an experience that’s easy to use and fits with your brand message, making it more likely they’ll go with you.

web design.

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A scientist using a pipet to measure liquid during an experiment.
A website layout we've designed

beyond design.

a pretty website is fine in theory, but to really make it count, your design needs to be user-friendly, speak your customer's language, optimised for search engines and work across a multitude of different devices. we’ve designed and built websites of different sizes for different target audiences, and that experience means we can create a website solution for you that really works.

'I really liked how in-depth you were with your approach. Straight from the beginning you were asking questions that I wouldn't have considered and your experience is clear given the result.'

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ferring uk.

we've been working closely with Ferring uk for over 15 years, during which time we've helped them deliver informative medical meetings across Europe, internal training videos to employees about product development, company conferences and more. Most recently we've been asked to step in and help them with their online presence in the UK. Thanks to our diverse range of skills, we were more than happy help.

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how much does video production cost?


Each project is unique and therefore you’ll be given a bespoke quote to match your exact needs depending on: finished video length, filming dates and location, if you need a voiceover, will there be animation etc. If you’ve got a set budget in mind already, then let us know in advance and we’ll tell you how we can work within your budget to give you the results you need. 

How much involvement do you need from me?


That’s entirely up to you! If you want to be hands on throughout the project that’s absolutely fine and we’ll be happy to work with you. Likewise if you’d rather take a hands-off approach you can rest assured that with over 25 years experience in doing projects just like this you’re in safe hands. At minimum we’ll need a brief outlining video length, filming locations, subject matter and an understanding of the goal of the project.

how long does it take to produce a video?


This is entirely dependent on content and subject matter. So if you can give us a clear outline of your projects goals and what kind of format you envision the final video taking, we can advise what sort of time frames will be needed. If you’ve got a strict deadline to meet let us know right away and we’ll tell you how feasible that is.

Will there be any additional costs after my quote?


No. When you make an enquiry, a member of our team will take the time to ask all relevant questions which might affect the final cost and then provide you with an itemised quotation detailing costs for each individual aspect of your project. So the more information you provide, the more accurate your quote will be. If during production you need to make a change, we’ll notify you of how that will affect the final price.

Can I see examples of similar work?


Yes. You can visit the ‘our work’ page (from the main menu) to see a selection of case studies and get an insight into some of the work we’ve produced. Also when you enquire, if we’ve got some projects we’ve already completed, that are similar in specification to what you want, we’ll share a link so that you can see them for yourself and get an idea of what your video might look like.

web design services.

here's a comprehensive list of the key website design services we can provide for you:

- bespoke website design
- professional business websites
- multi-platform optimisation
- full design and development
- on-going maintenance
- squarespace integration
- wordpress integration
- wireframe layouts and concepts
- seO ranking assistance
- company branded email
- website hosting

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