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everything in one box.

website design & user experience.

creating an integrated suite of websites for a trusted healthcare brand.

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project outline.

beginning with the development of a uk hub for healthcare professionals to access important information regarding ferring products, we soon recognised the need to create an integrated online presence encompassing both professional and public facing elements of healthcare.  


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A website home page we've designed


our first goal was to create a consistent visual language, ensuring that each site still feels like part of the ferring uk family. from this baseline, each site was adapted to meet the needs of its intended audience. We kept information clean, direct and easy to access for healthcare professionals, whilst taking a comforting, conversational tone with patient focused websites. 

we then sought to bring this information to life by combining easy to understand and dynamic graphics with video content explaining processes and discussing patient experiences. 


ferring now has a unified online presence in the uk, with the option to run effective email campaigns related to new products and services, all trackable and measurable through their new uk hub. patients who’ve been prescribed ferring products can now access additional treatment information online without having to set up lengthy consultations  with their doctor, while friends and family can learn more about their condition and understand how to better support them.

ferring have been so pleased with the results so far in the uk, we’ve been asked to take the same format and develop a sister version for the irish market.

'I am very pleased with the final result and I feel we’ve now got a website that properly reflects our company and does us justice. I was very happy with the communication throughout the development process, the team constantly keeping me informed as to what stage everything was at.'

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