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Conference production.

Well-produced events often produce great results for your business.

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everything we do is about using creativity to empower communication and having delegates or employees at a conference is all about communicating effectively. conferences enable and foster interpersonal relationships and offer unparalleled access to quality time with your customers and your staff. so let us take care of the hassle, so you can take care of your business.


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our team has been producing high quality live events and conferences across multiple countries for the past 25 years. we’ve been there, done that and got every t-shirt. we’ve seen everything before so we’re ready for any challenges and we’ll make sure we take care of them while keeping you informed of everything you need to know. and thanks to our range of creative skills, we can enhance your live event with interactive elements and interesting visuals to make it really memorable.

'You always know what you’re going to get with One Box, and that’s what’s great about them. Despite the difficulties posed by the current circumstances, the conference was delivered smoothly and really allowed us to focus on our staff.'

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James hall and co ltd. is the primary SPAR retailer for the North of England, with over 130 stores under their control. So when they put on a company conference, they need to get it right. That's why they asked us to help put together a successful conference and awards evening that also included producing a series of short videos to be shown at the event.

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how much does video production cost?


Each project is unique and therefore you’ll be given a bespoke quote to match your exact needs depending on: finished video length, filming dates and location, if you need a voiceover, will there be animation etc. If you’ve got a set budget in mind already, then let us know in advance and we’ll tell you how we can work within your budget to give you the results you need. 

How much involvement do you need from me?


That’s entirely up to you! If you want to be hands on throughout the project that’s absolutely fine and we’ll be happy to work with you. Likewise if you’d rather take a hands-off approach you can rest assured that with over 25 years experience in doing projects just like this you’re in safe hands. At minimum we’ll need a brief outlining video length, filming locations, subject matter and an understanding of the goal of the project.

how long does it take to produce a video?


This is entirely dependent on content and subject matter. So if you can give us a clear outline of your projects goals and what kind of format you envision the final video taking, we can advise what sort of time frames will be needed. If you’ve got a strict deadline to meet let us know right away and we’ll tell you how feasible that is.

Will there be any additional costs after my quote?


No. When you make an enquiry, a member of our team will take the time to ask all relevant questions which might affect the final cost and then provide you with an itemised quotation detailing costs for each individual aspect of your project. So the more information you provide, the more accurate your quote will be. If during production you need to make a change, we’ll notify you of how that will affect the final price.

Can I see examples of similar work?


Yes. You can visit the ‘our work’ page (from the main menu) to see a selection of case studies and get an insight into some of the work we’ve produced. Also when you enquire, if we’ve got some projects we’ve already completed, that are similar in specification to what you want, we’ll share a link so that you can see them for yourself and get an idea of what your video might look like.

conference services.

here's a comprehensive list of the key conference and live event production services we can provide for you:

- international conferences
- company conferences
- virtual conferences
- on and off-site project management
- audience interaction and voting systems
- set and stage design
- design and technical visuals
- event filming
- post-event video production
- lighting and sound equipment
- venue liaison
- full setup and removal
- speaker support materials
- presenters
- actors and props
- guest speakers and live entertainment
- webcasts

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