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project outline.

we’ve worked closely with james hall and co ltd. and the spar brand for a number of years. in this instance we were asked to produce a large retailer event and awards evening, aimed at discussing current issues and updating store owners on best practices and new technologies available to them.


Keynote presentation at SPAR retailer conference


Customers queueing at a SPAR store
A SPAR employee laughing


what’s the easiest way of conveying key information to a large group of stakeholders quickly and effectively? in this instance video was the obvious choice. so we set out to create a series of videos to be shown during the event that would explain to retailers in just a few minutes, how the new systems being made available to them would benefit their business. 

but rather than just explain the benefits, we felt that if we really wanted this to hit home, retailers need to see the benefits from their own perspective. that’s why we went to a handful of pioneering stores across the north west and interviewed spar store owners about their experiences, so that delegates would be able to see the benefits from their peers' perspective.



the conference went off without a hitch and featured keynote speeches from stakeholders across all levels of the spar northern region network.

in the evening the awards dinner was a great time enjoyed by all, putting the focus on those who’ve made an impact at store level. finally, everyone involved was able to take the information provided by our video series and implement the changes that best suited their business.

'the film has just been shown at our event and went down really well, thank you again! great filming and brilliant editing, it’s really helped get our message across - simply and effectively.'

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