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everything in one box.

Exhibition Design & Development.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd with a creative solution.

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There are few connections you’ll make in life as strong as those you’ll make face-to-face and in person. at a time when meeting people has been at a premium, the opportunity to do business face-to-face is more appealing than ever. so now’s your chance to let your personality do the talking and make a great connection with a new customer.


A large exhibition designed and built for a client in Glasgow.


A large exhibition stand we designed and built for a client.
A group of women discussing at an exhibition

stand out.

exhibitions are great for customers as they often put multiple businesses in the same space, allowing them to make an informed comparison. make sure that your business compares favourably with your competition by having a visual presence that attracts attention and makes customers want to come and talk to you. we’ll take care of all the design work and the installation - so you only need to think about making connections that count.

'it's reassuring knowing that everything will be taken care of, and that's why we use One Box. All I have to worry about is getting myself ready to connect with our future customers.'

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when we were asked to help build an exhibition presence for vsl#3, the brand wasn't used to putting itself out there. In a competitive environment such as the consumer health market, we knew we had to put our knowledge of exhibitions to good use, ensuring that vsl#3 could hit the ground running.

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Photograph of our VSL#3 stand design.

Exhibition insights.

Promotional Video for Small Businesses.

What are the benefits of producing a promotional video for your business? And what are the best types of promotional video for your small business?
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How much does an exhibition stand cost?


This varies greatly depending on the size of space you have to exhibit in and what kind of stand you want. We work with a wide range of clients, each of whom has vastly different needs. So whether you want a quick and easy pop up stand you can set up and transport yourself, or a large stand with high visual impact, including video screens and refreshment services built in, we’ve got a solution for you.

What information do you need to create design ideas?


Key pieces of information we need to know are: the venue and event you’re attending (each one has different rules and regulations); the size of exhibition space you have available; what elements you really want to showcase; do you want to serve refreshments etc? 

Can my exhibition stand include interactive and multimedia?


Yes. You’ll notice we’ve got expertise across a range of fields, all of which can be incorporated in your exhibition. So if you need a video or an animation to help showcase your latest products or services, these can be built into your exhibition design and shown of a variety of different screen sizes.

I’m not sure about which exhibition space to pick?


We can help. We’ve been designing and installing exhibition stands for years across a wide range of venues and exhibitions. As a result we know a thing or two about which exhibition spaces represent best value for money and will generate the best return on investment for you. So if you’ve got any doubts about any part of your exhibition, ask us and we’ll be happy to help.

Do I need to arrange installation of my exhibition stand?


No. For the majority of our clients we take care of everything. That’s design, printing, installation and removal of your exhibition stand - including any support literature such as leaflets you may want to bring. If you want to handle installation on your own, as is sometimes the case with smaller ‘pop-up’ exhibition stands, you’re more than welcome to.

exhibition services.

here's a comprehensive list of the key exhibition services we can provide for you:

- bespoke exhibition stand design
- installation and removal
- graphic prints and signage
- pop up banner design
- venue liaison
- video content for screens
- animated explainer product videos
- delivery of support literature
- on stand refreshments

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