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marketing strategy and the roll of video.

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what is the essence?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about understanding your business philosophy. Again the key to conveying your brand to your audience is for you to have a really clear understanding of what your brand is about and what you stand for as a company. So if you’ve not got that nailed down yet, I suggest you take a look via the link above and do the work to make sure you understand how you want your customers to think of you and your business.

Whilst that’s the philosophical essence, your brand also has a physical presence that’s created by your logo, your font and your brand colours. You probably have these worked out already and they will form the starting point for…

Apple advert imagery compilation.

A great example of a big brand which does this successfully is Apple. In the example above I’ve take four screenshots from four different product videos. Across the series the colour palette remains similar along with the graphic and filming style. These screenshots are instantly recognisable as being Apple videos. If you’re competing for visibility and attention in the busy world of social media, having a visual style which makes your brand instantly recognisable is priceless.

beyond the obvious.

There are three other elements that have a key role in how your video conveys your brand which are more subtle and nuanced than those we’ve discussed so far. They are…

You might be listening to music as you read this, I’m listening to music as I write this. Music is a fundamental part of the human experience and it’s ability to evoke emotions, memories and a sense of belonging are unmatched. Getting your music choice right is so important. Where the right music for your project is hard to find it’s well worth looking into getting some composed specially for your brand.

We pride ourselves on getting our music choices right for our clients and can compose and produce bespoke pieces to meet client needs.

Editing style
The pace of your video and the style of cuts / transitions between shots has a huge impact on the mood and feel of your video. If you’re a punk band then rough and consistently quick cuts visually reinforce your musical style. If you’re a luxury chocolate brand then a series of slow paced product shots combined with smooth transitions helps to accentuate your message.

Voiceover / Writing style
If your videos feature voiceover then using a consistent voice, in terms of accent, tone, pronunciation and also type of language is another huge factor in getting your brand across. Remember this iconic series of M&S adverts? Notice how carefully the voiceover delivery and script have been integrated to reinforce the slow paced images combined with a clever choice of music.

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