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helping a valuable charity demonstrate its value to the community.

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project outline.

providing care for people with cancer or other life-limiting illnesses is something we can all agree is needed. so when we were asked to help being there raise awareness of their role within the community, we were more than happy to put our video production into a worthy cause.


Volunteer helping an older patient.


Milk being added to a cup of tea at a Being There meeting.
Being There volunteer talking about her role.


the first thing here wasn’t to think about the how, that was already pretty clearly defined, the key was to understand the what. how could we best tell the story of being there in a way that is true their mission and engages the community to unite behind a worthy cause?

well that’s where we had to get involved and learn a lot about being there: From those who run the charity, to volunteers, to those who the charity helps, all that we learned allowed us to put together a clear and concise story for viewers.

A cutout E image of a Being There meeting.A cube cutout image of a Being There meeting.



being there can now explain their company values, mission and how they deliver care in under five minutes from the homepage of their website. 

this has helped to increase engagement with donors, helping to raise essential funds to continue their service, along with making more people in the local area aware of how either they or someone they know can benefit from the help and assistance being there provides. 

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