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everything in one box.

video production & Animation.

delivering engaging, educational content to employees; for a world leader aiming to hit great heights.

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project outline.

to help bae systems promote health, safety and employee wellbeing within the organisation by producing interesting, yet informative content, across a series of videos and animations on an ongoing basis, covering both uk and overseas territories. 


An animated group of people with communicate written above.


A dramatic fire simulation at BAE Systems fire training centre
Two firefighters stood side by side fighting a fire.


the type  of training that needs to be delivered to employees across a company as large as bae systems varies greatly, from easy to articulate concepts like fire safety protocols, to difficult to visualise ideas relating to overall company culture and ethos. 

that’s where our ability to produce both filmed and animated content really came into its own. we proposed both a series of videos to cover topics such as fire safety and personal security, where real world examples of systems and processes can be demonstrated, and a set of animations to cover the expression of concepts and ideas such as company culture.

An X cutout image of someone practicing CPR.A cube cutout of someone practicing CPR.



over the past six years we’ve produced six videos covering cpr training, site induction, fire safety and personal security along with three animations for company culture and health and safety processes. in every instance we’ve been able to provide options for subtitles and sign language to ensure the content is accessible to all employees.

we made sure to create content that was timeless and has a long shelf life, meaning most of the content we’ve produced is still in use today and will continue to be used as part of employee training programs for the foreseeable future. our commitment to building lasting relationships means that we’re still hard at work with bae systems on developing new and interesting employee training content to be delivered over the next couple of years.

'the animation has proved to be a success, even without any serious advertising of its release. I am most content with it since, as intended, it is clear, decidedly different to most company video output (deliberately so) and will have a substantial shelf life, very happy indeed.'

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