Go large and 'Wow' your audience with an immersive visual experience.

The production company have worked hard to make this event a success. One of the things I have learnt is trust. I have put my trust in One Box and I have to say that it has paid off. I know now that I can put my trust in the people who are professional in what they do and knowing that they can deliver. Today’s launch has been a tremendous success.

Creative content can become lost in a larger space unless there is dynamic use of the visual environment. Much can be achieved using a large stage set but creating stunning content for a large group of people is only possible when the screen size is scaled up. The screen ratio immediately becomes dramatic allowing for creative multiple-projection techniques not possible on a standard format screen.

Making full use of the screen area with animated sequences adds more weight to the content of your presentation and gives it the 'wow' factor.

Multi-screen Video Services

  • Creative ideas and storyboard
  • Bespoke technical solutions
  • Scriptwriting
  • Actors, professional voiceovers and props
  • Guest speakers and presenters
  • Video filming crew - location and studio set up
  • Event recording and streaming
  • Drone footage filming
  • HD digital  video editing
  • Motion graphics, video titles and animation
  • Soundtrack and bespoke music production
  • Audio visual and projection equipment specification and supply