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"Your company has worked hard to make this
animation a success. One of the things I have learnt
is trust. I have put my trust in One Box
and I have to say that it has paid off."

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Motion Graphics & Animation

Convey 1.8 million words to your customers in just 1 minute.
That’s the power of Animated Video.

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Why would an animation be useful to me?

Animation can take a number of different forms and can be really useful in explaining difficult concepts or demonstrating how a particular product works. This is because animated visuals can convey far more information, in a quicker and more enjoyable way to potential customers than a lengthy piece of text. Additionally, animation can be a powerful part of a brand identity, when used as part of a larger video campaign. Talk to a team member today and we'll advise you on what type of animation will benefit you the most.

Is animation really a proven concept?

Animated explainer videos have been proven to increase conversion rates by as much as 20% and the majority of viewers say that watching a product explainer video makes them more confident in their online purchasing decisions.

Given that the average attention span is now just 8 seconds and explainer videos convey information 60,000 times faster than text, the benefits are clear to see.


Graphics & Animation Services

Creative ideas and storyboarding
Character development
2D and 3D animation
Professional voiceovers
Soundtrack and music production
Stings and logo graphics
Animated title sequences
Animated infographics
Video explainers


"The animation has proved to be a success in some unexpected quarters, even without any serious “advertising” of its release and I am most content with it indeed since, as intended, it is clear, decidedly different to most company video output (deliberately so) and will have a substantial shelf life. Very happy indeed."

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Transforming your ideas...
...from concept to results.

Revealing a tricky concept to your customers or
colleagues is always going to be difficult. But
given that research suggests 65% of people
are visual learners
and up to 90% of the
information transmitted to our brains is visual
using creative animation or 'explainer’ videos is often
the most effective solution.

Animation can bring concepts to life in a way
that live video either struggles to or simply can’t.
It’s this kind of freedom, to really let your
imagination run wild, that makes animation
such a powerful tool for conveying
a brand or product message to an eager
audience, in a format they desire.


"Thanks once again for producing the animation. It works really well
with our existing video content, really helps tie everything together and also
adds a bit of a fun element which I think makes the final result
more along the lines of what we’ve been looking for.
I’m sure we’ll be in touch again down the line."


Are there other uses beyond online?

Yes! Animated stings and logo sequences often form part of the screen materials for a live event, or are used to punctuate content in a video programme and are created using motion graphics.

These can include 2D or 3D animation along with graphic elements from your branding. We've produced plenty of these over the years and you can find examples of our work in our showreel.

But what about live video, isn;t that better?

Live video does a lot of things very well, but you don't always have access to all the physical material required, or perhaps it doesn't even exist yet!

Imagine you're trying to explain a prototype concept through live video alone, it simply won't work inless you've got a physical mock up already created. This is where animation can be combined with live video to create a simple and cost effective solution that's proven to deliver results.


Your audience is waiting...