The meeting was brilliant! Congratulations on an event superbly organised and expertly executed providing the highest level scientific education with great interaction of all participants. You have done an outstanding job at preparing and carrying out this event. My warmest thank you for this, guys.

The production company have worked hard to make this event a success. One of the things I have learnt is trust. I have put my trust in One Box and I have to say that it has paid off. I know now that I can put my trust in the people who are professional in what they do and knowing that they can deliver. Today’s launch has been a tremendous success.

Many thanks again to all of you, you did a really great job, with a very professional and kind approach to every single detail.

On behalf of the Global Team let me thank you for your efforts in creating a great meeting which was flawlessly executed. I spoke to all of you during the meeting but wanted to drop you a further quick line. From our opening session and video, the bridges, the content, good science, liaison and transport arrangements and the AV and closing video we were delighted with it. I know that there were more people present but please pass our thanks to those other team members who contributed to this success and not copied here.

Thank you again for your commitment, dedication and professionalism in preparing and delivering this landmark event.

By all accounts I have heard it went really well in Prague. That will have been in no small measure thanks to you and your crew – so thank you very much for coming up with the goods once again.

I don’t know where to begin or how to express it clearly… but it was simply the best meeting of its kind that I have ever been to.
End of story.

Logistics were executed with military precision and feedback from everyone I spoke to was uniformly high.
Absolutely outstanding!

Now that we are back in the office, I would like to thank you all once more for your contributions that made this such a successful meeting!

Can you kindly do favor to me. I did attend thousands of meetings all over the world and have seen all sorts of expertise with technical support with presentations. However your group responsible for slide projection surpassed all other similar groups in the world. They showed great expertise and enthusiasm in adapting my presentation containing up to 75 percent of video clips. That worked perfectly. Kindly tell them how much I do appreciate their help.

Merci beaucoup and congrats for the Happy video ......unbelievable and great.

The film has just been shown at our event and went down really well, thank you again! Great filming and brilliant editing.

Thank you for the video.
The meeting went really went and the video was a nice launch….

I wanted to let you know I was really pleased with the work you created for us. It was quite a challenging brief given the deadline and at times lack of material. However you coped superbly and produced a presentation and show we were all proud of.

I echo the thoughts of Johan and Julian, this was an excellent meeting from start to finish. The delegates I spoke to found it engaging and educational, and also persuasive.

Thanks David. Meeting was great, feedback has been very good. Match last night was forgettable.
All the best to you and the team.

As a globalist I have participated in many (my wife thinks perhaps too many) international meetings. Without exaggeration, this was the most professional one (as an ethicist I take the word professional very seriously!).
It was obvious that hundreds of hours were spent obsessing on thousands of details to assure the highest quality educational experience. No expense was spared to have the highest level personnel and technological support!...
It was obvious that the care that went into the planning was meticulous. Attendees from all over the world were enthralled and will return home better able to care for maternal, foetal, and neonatal patients. I congratulate you.

It was one of the best symposiums I have ever attended and would like to commend you for the way it was organized.

I have benefitted immensely from the symposium and will undoubtedly be in a better position to apply this knowledge to my practice.