The Value of Video to Your Business

More and more content is being watch online worldwide than ever before. Ever since sites like YouTube and Vimeo pioneered the way as online video platforms, the amount of video content online has been increasing at a dramatic rate.

But what does that mean for your business? And how does video really help you?

Well to start with, this week I thought it would be useful to lay the foundations, by looking into the statistics for video usage online.


of consumers (in Brightcove’s 2018 Video Marketing Survey) report that they have purchased a product or service after viewing a video! That means that using video to market your services you are increasing your chances of securing business with 3 out of every 4 potential clients.


of marketers surveyed (in Animoto’s 2018 State of Social Video: Consumer Trends Report) ranked video either first or second when asked ‘what types of content gives the best return on investment for social media?’ Of that 63%, 40% ranked video as the number one option for social media marketing.


‘more shares are generated by social video, than text and images combined’. That’s according to data compiled by Renderforest (as part of their Video Marketing Statistics 2018 infographic). That’s a truly staggering level of engagement and a huge gulf between video and all other forms of content.

As you can see, even from this brief handful of statistics, video marketing’s role in promoting, raising awareness and generating business is second to none.

Now that we’ve established the clear benefits of video to your business, over the next few weeks we’ll look into the importance of both quality and content in making your videos stand out.

Nicholas Langdon